Measuring performance without a stopwatch

Tempo SOS’ new front counter speed of service tracker is a revolutionary new source of operating performance data. For the first time, quick service restaurant operators will be able to measure speed of service at the front counter without the customer’s assistance or the cashier performing a new routine.

Instead of a manager making periodic checks of speed using a stopwatch, Tempo SOS runs like a drive thru timer – all day, every day. Using state of the art technology, cameras monitor activity at the front counter and deliver speed of service time statistics to help managers allocate valuable manpower resources.

Point of Sale Register

Visual Input

Cameras identify customers as they approach the front counter to place their order.

Point of Sale

Customers are timed from the point they enter the order area to the time that they leave with their food.


Service time statistics are generated to aid managers in making operational decisions.

QSR Industry

Of the 10 largest QSR concepts (measured by number of restaurants), at least 5 measure speed of service:

Dunkin Donuts
Burger King
Taco Bell
Total US Outlets


Real Time Estimation of Service Time

The computer vision system has four principal components:
People detection, People re-identification, Action Recognition and IP video capture system.

People Detection

The people detection module processes video sequences with the goal of detecting customers standing at the front counter. The customers can be ordering meals, waiting for their food or collecting orders. 


The re-identification module aims at identifying diners at two different moments: when they’re ordering and picking up food. This module should be able to identify customers regardless of their location at the front counter.

Action Recognition

The action recognition module is designed to automatically recognize human’s actions using visual clues. This module estimates, based on customers’ actions, the moment when a tray or bag of food is collected.

Capture System

The IP video capture system provides the structure for the other components, it is the central control flow of the whole application, and also it manages the internal message passing among the components and between the users and the system via a graphic user interface (GUI).


At a Glance Measurement and Visualization

Tempo’s powerful dashboard allows you to view response time, track and visualize areas for improvement with your staff.

Accurate timekeeping is essential for improving performance

Tempo SOS is continuously running & gathering data. The data cannot be manipulated and includes all activity at the front counter.

Quick Service Point of Sale

The Tempo service timing system has recently been developed by experts in computer vision and analytics at the University of Ottawa. This exciting new technology is at the forefront of transforming cutting edge technology into meaningful data for restaurant operators to optimize use of one of their most important assets: people.

Measuring the speed of service at the front counter of a quick service restaurant usually entails someone getting out a stopwatch and standing in the dining room to manually time transactions. The data collected is generally just a small fraction of the day’s customer traffic and gives management just a tiny glimpse into the effectiveness of the front counter staff.

Other than these periodic, small data samples, management has no real insight other than gut instinct and occasional customer feedback. Tempo is meant to fill this informational void. Running like a drive thru timer, Tempo is always on, receiving data and providing operators with real figures on how fast customers are coming in and getting served. With increased frequency and reliability, managers will finally have the data they need to gauge how they measure up to service standards. With actionable information, restaurants can be made to run faster and generate higher customer satisfaction.

Tempo is currently in alpha testing and is preparing to launch beta testing in the first quarter of 2016. Please contact us today about your participation.

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